2pcs Face Mask 3 Layers W/Pocket Free Filter Handmade Washable BG

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3LAYERS REUSABLE cloth face-masks made with 100% cotton fabric here at Aimisa

Hand-sewn in Australia, our cotton face masks are made to sit comfortably on the face whilst offering the highest level of protection through carbon filter technology. We’ve tailored them to feature an inside pocket for the insertion of a disposable filter (1 complimentary filter included w/purchase! Scroll down for more information).  Our masks are made with adjustable straps allowing for optimal fit as well as a bendable wire nose piece for comfort. Easy to hand wash and dry, our cost-effective and environmentally friendly masks are a fantastic alternative to disposable masks.

We make our masks in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit all preferences, even catering to size - we offer smaller masks for children too!

Ask us today about a custom made mask or any other special requests.

Reusable, washable, adjustable and easy to fit in any bag, our cloth masks are the way to go!

We offer:

  • 3 layers cotton (extra with optional filter)
  • mouth, nose and chin coverage
  • bendable wire at nose for adjustable fit
  • interior pockets for optional insertion of disposable filter
  • adjustable ear band

Our masks are perfect for travel between crowded areas, those who are immunocompromised or have immunodeficiencies, elderly people and those working jobs which require close contact (beauty salons, cashiers, hairdressers, receptionists...)


  • Adult Size: 27cm (ear to ear), 14.50cm (nose to chin.
  • Children Size: 21cm (ear to ear ), 10.50 (nose to chin).

MATERIAL (3 layers):

  1. single sided twill khaki
  2. 100% cotton fabric
  3. 100% cotton fabric



  • Warm machine wash 60°C in wash bag.
  • Hand wash - pour hot water over mask (90°C or from kettle), add soap and leave for five minutes. Rinse properly.
  • Mask should be dried and ironed before next use. (ironing or drying under direct sunlight helps sanitise the mask)
  • Do not soak for extended periods as the cotton may lose colour 



Our masks are not a replacement for medical grade masks

 * Medical professionals advise AGAINST the use of masks on VERY young children or children with respiratory conditions due to their weaker lung capacity. Aimisa Gift House is not liable for the use or misuse of masks. 


Free Filter Features:

  • Filtration technology: made of activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth, the five-layer filter system effectively keeps PM2.5 and a range of airborne contaminants away (Please note the face-mask itself is NOT the same as the filter)
  • Reasonable size: filters size measures approx. 12.5 x 8 cm - easy to insert or replace
  • Intelligent design: protection to isolate dust, multi-layer folding, good ventilation, double your protection against nasty substances, gases and odours with an additional filter inserted into the inside of your pollution mask
  • Wide applications: mouth mask filter anti airborne particles dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, gardening pollen and so on, suitable for most occasions 

5-Layered filter can aid in preventing and protecting against pollutants

  • First layer: Anti-stick cloth
  • Second layer: Filter cloth
  • Third layer: Activated carbon
  • Fourth layer: High efficiency filter cloth
  • Fifth layer: Anti-stick cloth


Replacement steps for mask filter:

  1. Open mask to expose the interior of the filter valve
  2. According to the OPEN directions on the valve, turn the valve counter, to separate the valve.
  3. Remove the filter
  4. Replace the new filter, iterate the above steps, rotation of the valve,over. 


We thank you for your support and help keeping each other safe.