Bobino Small Cord Wrap for Earbuds

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Bobino CORD WRAP is light, simple and functional. You wind and stop the cord to the desired length in one single gesture.

A 21st-century invention, the Bobino was designed with those all too familiar, chaotic cord clusters in mind.

Bobino CORD WRAP is available in three sizes: SMALL for headphones and mobile phone earbuds, The Bobino transforms those knotted, confusing balls of cord into colour coded convenience. There is an assortment of Bobino colours and sizes to use for every situation. Designate a colour to each family member so you can grab your neatly wrapped, easily distinguished, phone charger hassle free from the kitchen drawer. Use the large size Bobino to tie up rogue computer cables under your work desk.

Some of the key features of the Bobino are it’s flat profile, so cords will be wrapped up effectively without turning into huge balls of cable. And secondly, the two ends of Bobino are easily pushed open to allow the cord to be wound and unwound effortlessly. Simple and effective design, how did we live without them?

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Dimensions (no pkg): 35 x 3 x 55mm
Item Made from: Plastic.