Lunch Sac ‘Fresh Meat’ Sue Janson Australia Design

Lunch Sac ‘Fresh Meat’ Sue Janson Australia Design

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Sue Janson Lunch Sac ‘Fresh Meat’.

This lunch sac keeps your food warm or cool all year round making it the perfect storage bag for all kinds of meals!

The tonic of laughter is a universally needed medicine. Without it the Joy of life is lost.

Material:  made with wetsuit neoprene.

Size: 30 x 30 x 17 cm

Made from Australian artist and designer Sue Janson. Sue Janson has amused art lovers across the globe with her quintessentially humorous Australian art. Poking fun at a range of typical Aussie characters and personality types, Sue has become a renowned Australian artist and designer with an extensive collection that is highly sought after in Australia and New Zealand.

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