Paua (Abalone) Shell - Perfect For Burning Of Smudge Sage

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Paua (Abalone) Shell - Perfect For Burning of Smudge Sage And loose Incense.

The abalone (Paua) is a type of marine sea snail in the mollusk family, the same group as clams and oysters.  These beautiful treasures can be used to catch the hot embers and ash created by lit smudge or burning charcoal disks with loose incense on top.  Inside each shell is a dazzling layer of mother-of-pearl and a mesmerising iridescent allure.
From a spiritual perspective, abalone (Paua) shells represent an offering from the ocean imbued with the nurturing energies of the water element: empathy, compassion, intuition and the divine feminine - which also makes them ideal alter tools for anyone looking to embody those qualities.  When smudging, make sure to place a natural substance like sand or sea salt in your Paua shell before you lay your lit smudge on top of it, as this will protect it from getting too hot and burning away the stunning pearly layer inside.
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