Small Multi Coloured Multi Dream Catcher.

Small Multi Coloured Multi Dream Catcher.

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Small Multi Coloured Multi Dream Catcher.

Multi Coloured Feathers, pink beads, and Multi Coloured thread.

Large catcher 11cm .

According to Native American legend the beads will deter the bad dreams while the feathers attract and allow good dreams to pass.

Dream catcher bags tend to have bits of loose feathers. This is normal as there are lots of feather bits floating around when packing. Your dream catcher will have all of the required feathers attached.

The images in this listing are a sample only. All items are handmade and no two handmade items are identical, so the item you receive may not look exactly like the item pictured in this listing.

As all birds are different so too are the feathers, so please do not expect the dream catcher you receive to have the exact same feathers as those pictured.

White dream catchers are never pure white, white feathers although treated and bleached are NEVER pure white and tend to have brownish ends that can look dirty, this is the nature of white feathers.

The feathers on red dream catchers can range from red to a reddish pink.

Dye lots of threads, leathers and feathers can vary from batch to batch and may not be as pictured, this is a natural occurrence as these are all individually hand made.

As these are all handmade items, they are all slightly unique and there may be some slight differences between the dream catcher you receive and the dream catchers in the photos, this is the beauty of handmade items.

All sizes, dimensions and weights are approximate.

Gift wrapping is available when picking up in store.