Triple Photo Frame Wooden French Farmhouse Vintage Beach Look

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A frame so distinctly designed as this triple picture frame will surely make any space come alive with good cheer owing of course to the selection of photographs but also because of the manner in which it is going to be displayed in such a lovely set of three conjoined frames that can be folded and kept.

Product Dimensions: 58x22x3 cm Frame: 3 of 5x5.

Product Material: Wood, Glass.
Picture frames need to be as special as the photographs that they host as these are precious memories and thus they need to be dignified, by giving them a decent kind of display. This picture frame gives one the ability to display three pictures perhaps portraits of the same person, in three different eras or poses that would make a lovely display. It could also be the kind of display which shows the family and its members. The frame has a wooden back drop with the grains showing clearly. The three white rims define the three spaces allocated for the photographs. The dimension of the entire frame pans out to about 58 cm and is 22 cm in width. It has space for three photographs each with a dimension of 5 inches by 5 inches. The frame holds the ability to create a sort of a special kind of display. It looks all the more subtle and elegant in its beauty as it has these very soft colours like white and golden woody beige that makes it seem rather charming.